26th October 2021, Rome



The launch of the project took place on the 26th of October 2021 at the Italian National Council for Economics and Labour presence in Rome. Barbara De Micheli (FGB, Head of Social Justice Unit) delivered a welcoming speech, followed by an overview of the project’s work plan, activities and methodology delivered by Feliciano Iudicone (FGB, researcher). Recent country level developments on platform work where then discussed among project’s partners, at the presence of Brando Benifei (Italian MEP, S&D), Ludovic Voet (ETUC, Confederal Secretary) and Michele Faioli (CNEL Adviser).

The full video transcript of contributions by the invited experts Annarosa Pesole (Italian Ministry of Labour, Officer) and Irene Mandl (European Labour Authority, Officer), preceded by a summary of “Don’t GIG up!” Project results provided by Annamaria Simonazzi (FGB, President), is available HERE.