Download here the Don’t GIG up! Reports!
For an overview on debate, data, and initiatives in the area of gig economy in Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden have a look at our State of the Art Report.
Which initiatives have been implemented to protect gig workers? Which business models did they face? What were their outcomes? The Case Studies provide a focus on selected practices in the countries covered by the project. Have a look!
The project Final Report sums up and compares project’s findings exploring similarities and differences in the gig economy and the different approaches developed by social partners and policy makers to address the related challenges.
What next? The Don’t GIG up! Policy Recommendations briefly illustrate 13 measures meant to improve working conditions and social protection of gig workers, also by changing the use made of new technologies.


All the reports were originally drafted in English and thought for an international audience. You can find in the boxes below translations of the key outputs in other project’s languages.

Enjoy your reading!